About Us

Light Technology is founded in 2005 and belong to the mechanical and electronic equipment related industries.

In founded early, the major are focus on mechanical equipment control boards, modules and control compoments' sale, maintenance, technical service and cooperation with customers to reduce their problems during production.

Meanwhile, the interior technology-chain is continues growing, but look around the major process' equipment have to rely on imports. Thus we actively integrate mechanical, electronic, IT talents to development process equipment in Taiwan, Enabling customers to increase productivity, competitiveness and a better profits.

Main Products & Service

  • Import parts, compoments, machine cable wires, etc... sales
  • Controller, driver boards, module design, sales and maintain
  • Customized related automation equipment design and manufacturing
  • Fixtures, operation platform related design and manufacturing
  • On computer related, software / hardware sales, program design and maintenance

Innovation, Honesty trust, Quality, Delivery
We are keep walking on this area to take a good service to our customers